Labyrinth Although the design was made by walking through the space with yarn, this drawing by Lori Hayes Kershner is an approximation of the view from above.
Experiential Journey
Experiential Journey Visitors encouraged to walk the path as a way to see the landscape (internal and external) from new vantage points.
Looking toward Dumbell
Looking toward Dumbell The lines of the labyrinth play with the lines of the landscape.
Accidental Drawings
Accidental Drawings The lines of the avalanche chutes coming down from Copper Mountain create contrast drawings with the labyrinthine line.
Walking Lines
Walking Lines The original design had been created experientially, moving through space with a trailing string of yarn. This sketchbook entry approximates the line as the artist moved along the path.
Candlelit Labyrinth
Candlelit Labyrinth Holden Villagers maintain the labyrinth by stomping the path with snowshoes. Candles illuminate the way.

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